Dog, Lights and Sewing Machine

Our Sound of Beyond

Saturday, October 17, 2015 - 7:00pm

Curated by Lun*na Menoh and presented in conjunction with The Velaslavasay Panorama, Dogs, Lights and Sewing Machine is a psychedelic phenomenon that occurs once every 100 years.

Koji Lijima - The Wagging Dog
A compact iron dog comes from Japan to jam with local drummer Martin Silva.


Sam Rowell - Color Objectivism, Harmonic Distortion, and the Illusion of the Noise-free System
Light and sound create site-specific happenings that meld analog tones and subtle color induction to affect audiences in a way that is both subliminal and corporeal.


Les Sewing Sisters - We as the Sewing Machine
The vocal and sampling of sewing machine sounds to create experimental sewing music.  Les Sewing Sisters are Lun*na Menoh and Atuko Yoo.

Koji Iijima is a visual artist, art director and professional fighter in the field of Mixed Martial Arts. His iron sculpture"Iron Dog" is made with motor parts and is typically used for his live performances. Tonight, he will present "Iron Dog" with a live drummer, Martin Silva. He currently lives in Saitama Japan.

Sam Rowell is a musician, radio artist, and sonic explorer. As a long-time collaborator in improv project Eloe Omoe, curator of Special Collections on KCHUNG, and researcher of photosonic technology, Rowell studies the manifestation of sound on the aesthetic, scientific, and visceral planes.

Lun*na Menoh, who paints only clothes, also creates many conceptual fashion shows and sewing performances using her own music. Atuko Yoo is a visual artist who works with screen printing. Her recent project is using the image of animals who has a unique look or individual traits, in conjunction with her interesting colors and textures.