Luis Buñuel

"The most famous short film ever made!" -Roger Ebert

Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 6:30pm

29th of MARCH ~ SATURDAY ~ 7PM to 11PM

Experience the film Un Chien Andalou as instructed by Buñuel- a digital projection with sound cues and editing per the director's notes. The way it was meant to be seen. Alongside pieces from the collection of The Luis Buñuel Film Institute including the novels that most influenced him, unseen photographs developed just for this special engagement, edible offerings from the short list Buñuel wrote for his wife of things he would accept to eat, and much, much more.

A screening of Las Hurdes (or in America, Land Without Bread) will begin the evening- a glimpse into Buñuel's productive days in Mexican filmaking. Lance Rockhas pleadged to musically interpret Buñuel's influential sensations throughout the venue, alongside other Nuns and Priests making palatable offerings to visitors of the PANORAMA landscape.

The Velaslavasay Panorama
1122 W. 24th St. LA, CA 90007
7pm to 11pm, doors at 6:30pm
First screening at 8:15pm