Mush! To The Movies! Vol. II

Das Eskimobaby (1918), with Eskimo Hunters of Northwest Alaska (1949)

Friday, February 6, 2015 - 7:30pm

Das Eskimobaby (1918) with Eskimo Hunters of Northwest Alaska (1949)


 The second screening in the polar film series Mush! to the Movies!

Friday, February 6, 2015 
$10.00 General Admission


Free tickets with advance RSVP for
Current Members of The Velaslavasay Panorama Enthusiast Society and Los Angeles Filmforum Members 
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Das Eskimobaby
Germany, 1918, 65 min., b&w, digital projection 
Directed by Heinz Schall 
Silent with score by Maud Nelissen 

The screening of this film is sponsored by JKL Components Corporation

This rare, winning German silent film stars comedy diva Asta Nielsen as Ivigtut, and Freddy Wingardh as a young polar explorer, Knud Prätorius (whose character is, perhaps, modeled on Danish explorer and anthropologist Knud Rasmusen). Prätorius brings Ivigtut back home with him to Berlin from her Eskimo village, where she experiences a confounding and comical Western culture.

Preceded by:

Eskimo Hunters of Northwest Alaska
1949, 20 min., b&w, sound, digital projection 
Produced by Louis deRochemont, directed by Kay Norton. 
The screening of this film is sponsored by Magda Rockmore 

"A straightforward documentary with an Inuit boy as narrator, detailing the daily activities of the boy and his family. “This film shows activities seen in Nanook [of the North] and [The Wedding of] Palo as practiced decades later: here, seal are hunted with rifles, igloos are roofed with canvas, furs and crafts are exchanged for manufactured goods at the trading post, songs and dances become recreations in the school house. The dog sled, umiak and kayak are means of transportation, and hunting remains the basis of their livelihood.” – Flicker Alley