Mush! To The Movies! Vol. III

Nanook of the North (1922)

Friday, March 20, 2015 - 7:30pm


Nanook of the North
US, 1922, b&w, digital projection 
Directed by Robert Flaherty
Silent with score by Timothy Brock

In this groundbreaking work, Flaherty essentially originated the common form of documentary in telling the tale of Nanook and Nyla - a glimpse into the life of a protagonist as he faces challenges in nature. 

Preceded by:

The Idea of North 
US, 1995, 14 min., B&W, 16mm Projection 
Directed by Rebecca Baron 
"In the guise of chronicling the final moments of three polar explorers marooned on an ice floe a century ago, Baron's film investigates the limitations of images and other forms of record as a means of knowing the past and the paradoxical interplay of film time, historical time, real time and the fixed moment of the photograph. Marrying matter-of-fact voiceover and allusive sound fragments, evidence and illustration, in Baron's words, 'meaning is set adrift'."--New York Film Festival, 1997, Views from the Avant-Garde program notes.

Untitled (Ross Ice Shelf Antarctica)
Antarctica, 2005, 4.5 min., Digital Projection 
Directed by Connie Samaras 
A video installation from the 2005 project V.A.L.I.S. (vast active living intelligence system), a series of works made at the South Pole and Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica. The videos featured in the project "are a reconfiguration of the premise of human exclusivity found in mainstream nature documentaries and of the heroic and technological transcendence inherent in sci-fi horror films." --Connie Samaras,


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