The Reader's Chorus

Robert Lax and John Beer's Black and White Oratorio 

Sunday, March 1, 2015 - 7:00pm


The Reader's Chorus consists of composers and musicians, visual artists and filmmakers, writers and poets. Poets Anthony McCann and Joshua Beckman initially brought us together to perform Robert Lax and John Beer's rarely performed Black and White Oratorio. Inspired by this hallucinogenic poem and the possibilities of sound in a group of speaking voices, Sara Roberts and Jordan Biren recruited a dedicated corps to experiment with timbral combinations, rhythms, and the spatialization of voices. Since then members have been creating new works for the Chorus to develop and arrange in laboratory rehearsal.

The Reader's Chorus is pleased to present Robert Lax and John Beer's Black and White Oratorio with new spirited works commissioned for the Chorus personnel: Casey Anderson, Jordan Biren, Kate Brown, John Burtle, Clay Chaplin, Tuni Chatterji, Corey Fogel, Morgan Gerstmar, Jen Hutton, James Klopfleisch, Todd Lerew, Manuel Lima, Heather Lockie, Sara Roberts, Mady Schutzman, Haruko Tanaka, Christine Tavolacci 

ORGANIZERS: Jordan Biren, Heather Lockie, Sara Roberts 


$12 General Admission/$10 Current VPES Members