Presentations & Performances

The Nova Tuskhut Trading Post Sale
Saturday, November 14th, 2015
3:00PM - 8:00PM
Free & Open to All

The Velaslavasay Panorama presents a sale of used Specialty Books & Plants - just in time for the holidays. On offer during this rustic bazaar are books decommissioned from the Tusk Hut Library, books on curious art and thought, books on other books, and plants grown from the VP's garden for sale in handmade planters.

Other giftshop trinkets include the Panoramic Polar Sugar Eggs, Grand Moving Mirror of California T-Shirts, Velaslavasay Totebags, Enchantment of the Glass Armonica candles, Tswuun-Tswuun Rotunda candles, pocket ouija boards, and posters. The Nova Tuskhut Postal Service will also be available so bring your address book to send a greeting by way of the Polar Pony Express!

Hot dogs & beverages on offer by the campsite. All proceeds from the sale benefit the continued existence of the Velaslavasay Panorama.

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Black Sheep 2015
In this Year of the Wooden Sheep 2015, we hope to continue in our mission to present the public with an ever-stimulating and much expanded array of functions, entertainments, and marvels to complement our panoramic ambitions; please consider becoming a member of the Velaslavasay Panorama Enthusiast Society, that you may contribute to our efforts in bringing wonders many and unique to the great city of Los Angeles and beyond.




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