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eaResolution-Accordant Commons & MicroFest

A Presentation of MicroFest and Accordant Commons
Friday, April 25, 2014
8 o'clock pm

Tickets $15 General, $13 Current V.P.E.S. Members

Accordant Commons, a vocal chamber music collective, presents a concert of microtonal vocal chamber music that explores the interaction between voices and instruments. For this concert, we explore the variation between tactile and sensory approaches in exploring micro-intervals. These pieces create a continuum of microtonality, from the finely dissonant to the justly placed.

The program will include:
Kurt Isaacson's the day won't reconcile its recessive light: a perimeter's bleed for Mezzo-soprano, viola, and cello
John Fonville's Songs from Sappho on Ancient Greek Modes for viola and voice
John Fonville's The Night Dances for soprano, alto flute, and bass
Edu Haubensak
's Sechs Walserminiaturen for soprano and violin
John Fonville's Study of Held Just Partials

Featured Players:
Stephanie Aston, soprano
Argenta Walther, mezzo-soprano
Scott Worthington
, double bass
Eric KM Clark, violin
Derek Stein
, cello
Christine Tavolacci, alto flute
David Tranchina
, double bass
Natalie Brejcha, violin

Now in its seventeenth year of celebrating the beauty that lies "between the notes," MicroFest is the worldʼs leading concert series devoted to the glorious universe of non-standard tunings. Founded by microtonal guitarist and radio personality John Schneider in 1997, MicroFest has grown to a festival of multiple events at Southern California venues ranging from Pacific Palisades to Claremont; Pasadena to Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA. MicroFest has included ground-breaking concerts and premieres of works by Ben Johnston, Lou Harrison, Terry Riley, and Harry Partch with new and historical instruments. MicroFest is co-directed by composer Bill Alves and pianist Aron Kallay


Mark the Date:
Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nova Tuskhut

Illustrated Lecture and Guided Tour
In conjunction with Prof. Russell Potter and other esteemed investigators of Polar History,
we welcome you to visit

A place for all to convene and experience the solitary life of chills, furs & traps.
Mark the date and join us for an introductory lecture and guided personal tour.

Tickets and more information to come.


9th Ever Old Time Social

9th Ever Los Angeles Old Time Social
Friday, May 16, 2014
8 o'clock pm
Tickets $20 General, $18 Current VPES Members

Available at http://9thlaots.brownpapertickets.com


Triple Chicken Foot

Triple Chicken Foot

Triple Chicken Foot is an Old Time trio playing fiddle and banjo tunes and songs in Los Angeles, California with Ben Guzmán on fiddle/mandolin, Mike Heinle on banjo and Kelly Marie Martin on guitar. All three sing. Playing old time music in Los Angeles for over six years, they have performed at the Autry National Center, LACMA, The Watkins Family Hour, weddings, numerous clubs around Southern California and on NPR. Spending time with veteran players around Los Angeles and the country at many late night jams, they have been soaking up fiddle tunes and gospel songs, and have found their voice with foot stomping dance tunes, beautiful duets, and three-part harmony of acapella ballads.

Spencer & Rains

Spencer and Rains

Spencer & Rains play old time fiddle tunes and sing old songs in the style of their home states while also exploring other American regional styles of fiddling. Both multi-instrumentalists deeply absorbed in traditional music, Howard and Tricia preserve, present, and teach old time music while at the same time making it their own.
Tricia Spencer is a Kansas fiddler who grew up learning the tradition of old-time music from her grandparents. Tricia is a multi-instrumentalist who has studied with some of the great masters in old-time and is highly sought after as a performer, dance fiddler, and instructor.
Howard Rains is a native Texas artist and fiddler living in both Austin, TX and Lawrence, KS. His twin obsessions are painting and playing traditional American fiddle music. Howard plays rare, old traditional fiddle tunes learned from friends, family, and old recordings. His release “The Old Texas Fiddle” reintroduces listeners to the pre-contest styles of Texas fiddling.

Brian Vollmer & Ben Townsend

Brian Vollmer and Ben Townsend

Brian and Ben both starting playing Old-Time as teenagers, Brian in Tennessee and Ben in West Virginia. Regularly seeing each other at fiddler conventions and contests over the last 10 years, they’ve shared many a session. When Brian began working on his latest CD, Old-Time Music Party, Ben was a natural choice to join in. Of late, Brian and Ben have been touring the East Coast and are excited to be heading out west to play some true southern Old Time.

For more information and the full calendar of events for this year's Old Time Social visit http://oldtimeisagoodtime.com/


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