Lost Panorama

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April 22, 2010

Lost Panorama - Behind the Curtain

Original presentation of "The Battle for the Reichstag" panorama installation with moving lights and sound, Soviet military base in Wünsdorf, Germany, 1991. "Lost Panorama" Ulrike Mohr, Susanne Weck, 2007. Photo: © Till Krause

In Search of the Lost Panorama
Saturday, May 1, 2010
8 pm

Tickets $10 {$8 VPES Members}
Advance tickets available here

Please join us in welcoming Berlin-based artists Susanne Weck & Ulrike Mohr to The Velaslavasay Panorama for the debut of their exhibition LOST PANORAMA, to be on view in our Ancillary Salon through August 29. In their Saturday, May 1st presentation "In Search of the Lost Panorama," the artists will discuss the Lost Panorama project, their quixotic transcontinental journey and the eventual discovery of a missing piece of history they did not expect to find.

Six years ago, Ms. Weck and Ms. Mohr happened upon an old, abandoned rotunda building in Wünsdorf, Germany. The two artists were curious about the history of the building and, in particular, about the fate of the panorama painting it once housed. To trace the history of the work, the women started on a quest which led them all over Europe, following rumors and turning up unexpected leads through paths complicated by latent Communist-era international relations, long-buried military paperwork, and an elusive Russian painter. Along with its accompanying tri-lingual publication {in German, Russian, and English}, LOST PANORAMA studies the utility of the panorama art form in remembering and reconstituting experiences of warfare and catastrophe, while illuminating how quickly the recent past forms relics and forgotten places.  


Lost Panorama - Russian Soldiers

Russian soldiers dismantling "The Battle for the Reichstag" panorama installation, Wünsdorf, Germany, 1994. "Lost Panorama" Ulrike Mohr, Susanne Weck, 2007. Photo: © Detlef Steinberg


LOST PANORAMA has been supported in part by the Institut für Auslandbeziehungen and the Velaslavasay Panorama Enthusiast Society.

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