Mush! To the Movies!

A Polar Film Club

- at The Velaslavasay Panorama -


Throughout the first half of 2015, we held a six-part series in collaboration with LA Filmforum entitled Mush To The Movies: A Polar Film Club. Each screening had an historic feature film, such as the 1918 German film Das Eskimobaby, and was precluded by a short film of either a contemporary experimental nature or documentary. All films were set in the Arctic or Antarctic regions. 

Screening were accented by a rigorous check-in procedure where patrons were individually made Polar Passports via a typewriter and then sent to the Nova Tuskhut for thumbprinting. While in the Nova Tuskhut - Southern California's only Arctic Trading post!  - guests are invited to handle all materials, read books, rest on the one-person cot, and look outside the window to see a mini-diorama of the polar terrain shifting from night to day. Passports were then stamped at the entryway of the theatre and guests of all six screenings were entered to win a night’s stay in the Nova Tuskhut.