Ancillary Salon & Lobby Exhibitions

NOVA TUSKHUT & Nancy Columbia and the Arctic Beyond

We welcome you to visit the Nova Tuskhut, an Arctic Trading Post complete with a mini diorama of the tundra, polar artifacts including snowshoes from the Peary Expedition, and the flying goggles of an Arctic Bush-Pilot.

In the Lobby of our venue we present Nancy Columbia and the Arctic Beyond. Nancy Columbia, the "Most Beautiful Eskimo that Ever Lived!" Columbia, was born at the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 and named the Queen of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Esquimaux Village in 1909. Columbia was also the first Inuit to write and star in a film in 1911, entitled The Way of the Eskimo. The exhibit features stereoviews, photographs, and ephemera from several World's Fairs, highlighting the success and persistence of "Esquimaux Villages" and Arctic obsession in the 19th to 20th centuries.

The Nova Tuskhut and the Nancy Columbia Exhibit will be on view through the end of 2016, and features object from the collection of Kenn Harper, Dr. Russell Potter and other arctic collectors. These include the snow shoes used by the explorer Samuel J. Entrikin (1862-1942) who served as second-in-command during the 1893-95 Arctic expedition under Admiral Robert Peary to North Greenland. Limited edition Nova Tuskhut postcards can be purchased and sent from the Trading Post's Postal Station.